Briefcase/Content Management

A simple and secure way to deploy and view the most recent and up-to-date sales, marketing, and training content on your iPad. Improves efficiency and enhances customer engagement by having the right material at the right time.

  • Compliance: Able to adapt to changing compliance requirements quickly and cost effectively on your iPad

  • Control: Ability to secure, update, and pull back documents with full administrator interface

  • Consolidated: Access training material, spreadsheets, and customer facing material through the same application

  • Closed-loop: Ability to tag content to a specific customer / account to enable a concierge-style briefcase

Product Features
  • Control: Password protect or disclaimer prompt at application, folder, document, and viewer levels (lock screen)

  • Consistency: Aligns with our current application suite and leverages the same proven architecture and technology

  • Cost: Leverages service account