Teacher Student Coaching App

  • Accountability for planning – goal setting for students – putting together a development plan for the student to meet their “Next Steps” goal

  • Align with Ministry / Board mandates – ability to link “creating pathways” initiative for grades K-6
    • Document and store student behavior and competency progression
    • Ability to capture and store student photos and videos of work

Product Features
  • Ability to take and store photos and videos of students work – take video of student reading activity
    • Store for access by school
    • Ability to send / share with parents

  • Parent application
    • Can view their child’s development plan and coaching
    • Ability to receive photos / videos of their students reading / writing activities, etc.
    • Can provide feedback to teachers
      • Not free-form text! – who know what they will write…
      • Drop down sections / categories for pre-defined responses

  • Available on the any tablet and PC desktop

  • Reports
    • Report by student
      • Summary of “happy face” score by subject
      • Detail by happy face selection
        • Where is the student having challenges?
        • Where are they good?
        • How are they progressing?

    • Report by class
      • # of students by “happy face” score by subject
      • Detail by happy face selection
        • Students having challenges by subject?
        • Students doing well by subject?