Sales Force Companion SBR/SM
bNimble Slaes Force Companion is an integrated Sales Force Automation (SFA) + Business Intelligence (BI) solution designed specifically for the iPad and marks the start of a new race to gain an industry competitive advantage.

Significantly decreases the administration burden and allows increased selling time
  • No downtime for software updates / syncs / installs - think cloud!
  • Voice to text call capture and easy to use features reduces rep administration time to enter activity
Provides sales reps with a simplified method of call capture and activity entry on an iPad
  • Keeps it simple to core functionality sales reps need to do while in the field
  • Allows for more timely and relevant activity to be captured that assists with next call objectives
Displays integrated 360 degree (or close) contact / account metrics that supports pre-call planning and analysis
  • All key information across existing data assets a sales rep needs to know prior to making a call / contact visit
  • Consolidated, and integrated view of relevant and timely information to help prepare and execute a call / account objective

Delivers simplified / lightweight reports that answer key business questions to help drive revenue
  • Leverages existing data warehouse or business intelligence solution to reduce development re-work or pushing all your data into a cloud solution
  • Focused reporting / analytics that does not replace the need for more robust analytics from your existing business intelligence solution
Delivers a true hybrid solution that utilizes key functionality offline, while ensuring seamless delivery of online services
  • Offline call capture, activity data entry, pre-call planning analytics and reporting
  • Integrates other online services / functionality via 3G / WIIFI connection - not everything has to be offline
Provides sales representatives with a single device solution that may potentially replace the laptop during field travel
  • Effective time management - no more laptop boot-up!
  • Longer computing ability with improved battery life - better portability

Product Features
  • Updates deployed through the cloud - no more software!
  • Mapping functionality to display nearby contacts / accounts for geographical representation, driving directions, and routing
  • Accelerated call list creation by finding customers based on rating, targeting, customer type, specialty, segment, zone and proximity
  • Integration of existing data assets / data warehouse and BI applications (Cognos, Business Objects, MicroStrategy)
  • integration
  • Veeva integration for pharmaceutical / biotech industry
  • Link to Dragon Dictation / integrated iOS dictation for voice to text
  • Link to your preferred eDetailing application to deliver Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) - only if you need it