Sales Force Companion is an integrated Sales Force Automation (SFA) + Business Intelligence (BI) solution designed specifically for the iPad and marks the start of a new race to gain an industry competitive advantage.

Sales Manager

Equip Sales Managers or Directors with offline, field-based coaching activity capture.
Support communication of work-with letter to SBR and Director
Provide Sales Managers with access to key customer information and activity by territory.


Simplifies and streamlines real-time customer requests on the iPad. Capture a request, access the signature page, and deliver the right "real-time" message to meet their needs.


A simple and secure way to deploy and view the most recent and up-to-date sales, marketing, and training content on your iPad. Improves efficiency and enhances customer engagement by having the right material at the right time.


Capture detailed customer modifications while in the field. Receive instant communication via email once your request has been completed.

School Coaching

Accountability for planning – goal setting for students – putting together a development plan for the student to meet their “Next Steps” goal

Align with Ministry / Board mandates – ability to link “creating pathways” initiative for grades K-6
  • Document and store student behavior and competency progression
  • Ability to capture and store student photos and videos of work